M.G.M Central School was started with a great vision, and we are happy to see that our visions are realizing one after another.

Our school is started in 1993, with 150 students and 10 Teachers. The academic excellence and other performance made its reputation spread far and wide in the neighbouring villages and attracted more children. Thereby it increased its strength to more than 500 students and also been upgraded to the level of Secondary School. Now we are expecting to get upgraded to the Senior Secondary Level.

One of our visions is to make it a Residential School. We are thinking of giving fee-concession to more economically backward children. Now we are granting concession only to a small number of children. We are also thinking of starting a Sport Hostel so that we can give intensive coaching to the Sports loving children of the rural area. We want a well furnished Auditorium and a Canteen. The campus is eco-friendly, still we want to plant more medicinal plants.

Our final vision is to become a Model School in this region.