My dear children,

The new academic year welcomes you with a warm heart.

We are given one more precious year to toil and produce valuable fruits in the tree of our life.
At the commencement of this academic year I would like to remind you to commemorate on our destination. Let us fix our goal firmly in our mind. Individually we have to meditate on the necessary precausions and steps which we have to take in order to achieve our aim.

There is no substitute for hard work. Success demands hardwork. The biographies of the eminent people evidently prove the place of hardwork behind the success of their life. So I urge you my dear children, to work hard and come out with flying colours. I advise you to make the best use of school  % life. At the beginning itself prioritize your work so that you can make a better utilization of your time.

Be always energetic and take active part in the class room teaching. Make good use of our well equipped library. Try to be always attentive in the class. Clear your doubts on time whenever a theme or concept seems vague, seek guidance of your teachers.

Learning the prescribed syllabus is only one side of the coin of edu­cation. The co-curricular activities which is the other side of the coin is as important as the former. So get involved in every activities of the school. Each one of you are a treasure of various talents. Let us make proper use of all our opportunities to develop our talents.
Education is formation. Good character is an outcome of the educa­tion. A person is evaluated by his behaviour. The Society longs for virtuous people. So try to learn and practice all the virtues in our life. We should be known for our good nature and behaviour.

I place my confidence and trust in you my dear students. Work well, pray well and be at your best in every thing. My best wishes for a wonderful and fruitful year. May you achieve a grand success. May God bless you all.

Fr. Samuel John